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Cedarwinds Silky Terriers


Peeker is a doll to handle and love. The judges who've given her wins say she "floats in the ring." She's a natural in the show ring and loves the show atmosphere.  She loves to play fetch and retrieve but her favorite spot is on my lap.  Peeker won her first 2 majors on the same weekend at 7 months of age.  She has started earning wins towards her Grand Championship.

Champion Cedarwind's Peek A Boo
Oct 26, 2012

"Peeker" at LeMars, July 3, 2010
Judge Arley D Hussin

"Peeker" BOB at Lincoln Oct 4, 2012
Judge Roger R Hartinger

"Peeker" at 3 months of age

"Peeker" at 6 months of age

Peeker's win record:
All entries in BBE
6-20-2010   Ft Dodge     Mrs Polly D Smith            1/R
7-3-2010     LeMars       Arley D Hussin                 1/W/BB/BW     3 pts
7-4-2010     LeMars       Charles E Trotter             1/W/OS            3 pts
10-21-2010 Lincoln        Mildred K Bryant             1/W/OS            1 pt
5-1-2011    Seward        Gloria Geringer               1/W                   1 pt
5-14-2011  LeMars         Janis M Mercer               1/W/BB/BW      1 pt
7-16-2011  Omaha         Sare Brewster Tietjen     1/W                   2 pts
10-4-12      Lincoln          Roger R Hartinger          1/W/BW            3 pts
10-26-12    Sioux Falls   Dr. Lee Anthony Reasin  1/W/BB             1 pt

"Peeker" at Lemars, July 4, 2010
Judge Charles E Trotter

"Peeker" Finished Champion-Sioux Falls 10-26-12
Judge Dr. Lee Anthony Reasin

"Peeker" at 3 months of age

"Peeker" at 3 years of age.

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