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Cedarwinds Silky Terriers

!!!!Champion sired puppies available!!!!!

Champion Cedarwind's Lucky Dane "Dane"


Since 1997
Cedarwinds is a small show kennel and breeder located in the countryside of northeast Nebraska.  

"Ariel" was my first Silky Terrier and she produced exceptionally nice puppies with great conformation.   With each generation we continued to breed with the best.  In April of 2005 "Kaela's Devil May Care" was added to our breeding program, and from the combination of Ariel and Devil's lines, have come the Silkys that are winning in the show ring for us today.   We are planning to get involved in agility and barn hunt in the coming year. 

Our granddaughters, Autum and Dharian, have both started competing in Jr. Handlers and help us in the Conformation ring as well. 
The Silky Terrier is extremely loyal to their owner and family.  They are a big dog in a little body and so very smart and entertaining.  They are lap dogs and will be your shadow and best friend, but are also very energetic, active and love to play with their toys and fetch-retrieve. 
Silky Terriers are a relatively healthy breed that live to be 16-18 years of age.  They are on average 9-10 inches high at the shoulder and weigh approximately 8-12 pounds.  Their silky coat grows to be about 6 inches long and requires brushing at least twice a week. 

Bob and Geri with Peeker and Rowdy


Gaby, Nessa and Dane
BOB, DHARIAN, AUTUM and GERI with Blue and Poppy
SilkyTerrier Nationals in Albuquerque Aug 2016


To check on the availability of puppies, you can email us at:

The American Kennel Club

Geri Wiepen 55521 894 Road, Crofton, NE 68730 605-661-3300  gwiepen@gpcom.net